About Nairs

Nair, one of the prominent communities in the state of Kerala has an excellent history dated back to centuries. The name “Nair” is being recorded for the first time in the written history as early as in the 7th century A. D. In the copper plates regarding the awarding settlement right to Jewish and Christian settlers there are mentions about the Nair Chiefs ruling Eranadu, Valluvanadu and Venad. Read More

About Society

Keralites are known for their habit of migration in search of greener pastures and many people belonging to Nair community too have migrated to various places outside Kerala. As a part of it many Nairs have migrated to and got settled in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. It is quite common for Nairs to keep up their identity wherever they live. There is no compromise on following the rituals and practices which are being passed through generations. Read More

Welcome to Our Nair Service Society



Nair Service Society is committed to overall socio-economic development of its members and extends its support in the following areas like medical, education, matrimony, traditional rituals and charity etc., Read More

Our Recent Activities


We are running matrimony services to our community people to find right partner.

Health Camps

Free Health Camps will be organised on regular basis.


Society provideing some scholarships to poor students.

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Latest Events

8September, 2019

Onam Celebrations
at Nair Service Society Hyderabad.